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Looking to book a business trip or holiday taxi? Gary Donnellan Coach, Bus and Taxi Hire offer professional and reliable airport transfers at any time of day or night for clients in Galway.


For Large Groups we offer 36 and 49 seater coaches or our 16-seater mini bus will ensure your airport transfers are as relaxed and comfortable as possible as you make your way to your destination. Clients choose us for airport transfers thanks to our convenient depot location which has quick access to Shannon, Sligo and Knock Airport.


Whether you are heading away on a family holiday or for an important business trip, clients can rest assure they will always arrive on time and without stress.


Book a holiday taxi in advance and take the stress out of planning


We are ideally placed to offer clients all over Galway a professional, prompt and extremely efficient Shannon Airport transfer service thanks to our depot being only 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Shannon Airport. 

When you absolutely cannot be late for a flight, get in contact with Gary Donnellan Bus and Taxi Hire about our dedicated taxi Shannon Airport service.


Never be late for a flight again with Gary Donnellan Coach, Bus & Taxi Hire’s Galway to Dublin airport transfer services. We offer affordable and comfortable airport transfers from Galway to Dublin and from Dublin airport to Galway.

Take the stress out of airport travel by hiring our professional coach or minibus.

Our modern Coaches are suitable for groups of 36-49 and our minibus is suitable of groups up to 16 people. With air conditioning and ample room for luggage, we make the journey to Galway or Dublin airport enjoyable and comfortable. Best of all, we arrange transport around your flight's schedule. From early morning to late night flights, our driver gets you to Dublin airport in time for check-in.

Passengers can also arrange for Dublin airport pick-up. Where your Coach or minibus will be waiting for you when your flight lands.


To schedule a Galway to Dublin airport transfer or a Dublin airport to Galway transfer, please give us a call today.



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  • Where can I find a mini bus hire near me?
    We provide a mini bus hire service throughout Galway and in the surrounding areas. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • What Payment Do You Accept?
    We accept online Paypal payments when you book online as well as cash, card, and revolut payments on our buses.
  • What locations do you cover as part of your transportation package?
    We are based close to Carrick-on-Shannon, Sligo, Westport and Galway city. These locations have proved to be hugely popular over the years but we will always try to accommodate every customer request. Get in touch with us today.
  • Is it possible to drive to a number of locations in the same day?
    Yes. We build our schedule around your specific requirements to allow clients to have a fun and care free day and night of activities. Contact us today.
  • How much does it cost to book a holiday taxi?
    Pricing will depend on the number of passengers and the distancetravelled. Please get in touch with us to discuss your particularrequirements.
  • Are you available for late night transfers?
    Yes. Gary Donnellan Bus and Taxi Hire are available at any time of day or night you need us for any transfer. Share your travel plans with us today.
  • How many people can your mini bus hold?
    Our mini bus can hold 16 passengers. Please share your travel plans with us so that we can accommodate all of your requests in advance.
  • Do you provide a tour guide?
    Yes. If your group wants a tour guide, we can provide a local guide to make your trip that little bit extra special. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • How many people can you collect and pick up?
    Our 16-seater mini bus will ensure there is plenty of room to take you and your guests to each venue. Get in touch with us to discuss your particular requirements.
  • What is the price of a wedding bus hire?
    Pricing will depend on the number of passengers as well as the distance of travel that you require. Contact us or book online today to share your travel plans.
  • I am trying to find a taxi near me. Can you help?
    Yes. We are available to provide transport in Tuam and throughout Galway. Request a booking online or call us directly to confirm your pick-up.
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